Beat the ATS Bots

75% of resumes get blocked for online jobs by ATS - just because of their design! This free, mini-course will show you how to edit your resume so you can beat the bots - and start getting interviews...

What You'll Learn

How ATS Works

Understand the 3 main jobs of Applicant Tracking Systems and learn how to use this to your advantage to get shortlisted for interviews.

The Best Resume Format

Get easy to implement, practical advice so you can create the perfect resume design to sail through ATS when you apply for online jobs.

What recruiters want

Discover what recruiters actually want to see - and not see- when you submit a job application to get you ahead of your competition.

"Interviewed twice in 3 days"

Within 2 days of using my new resume and using it for 4 job applications, I was interviewed twice in 3 days, once by a Department Manager and others by a Recruiter and I have been working ever since!
Peter Nitscheke - Shutdown & Planning Professional


Welcome to Beat the Bots
What to expect from this course
2 mins
Understanding Applicant Tracking Systems
So what exactly is an Applicant Tracking system?
3 mins
What ATS does to your resume when you apply for a job
6 mins
Do you know enough to beat the bots? Find out now: Quiz
The best resume format to get past ATS
The problem with fancy resume templates
4 mins
Download your ATS friendly template now
20.7 KB
How to complete your resume template
5 mins
Are you a format expert? Find out now: Quiz
Getting your resume content right
What you need to know about resume content
3 mins
Contact details - not as easy as you might think!
5 mins
How to write a great resume profile
4 mins
Bullet points - your new best friends
4 mins
Should you use acronyms in your resume?
2 mins
Confident about your content choices? Check now: Quiz
Key takeaways & free resume appraisal
Summary & what to do now
3 mins
Get a free resume appraisal
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Download an ATS Friendly Resume Template

This template has dummy content included to guide you. Just watch the videos, then replace sections with your own information.

Personal Resume Appraisal

Get a free, one on one video appraisal of your newly edited resume so you can be sure you have got it right for your next job application.


Is this course really 100% free?


How long will I have access to this course?

We haven't placed any time restrictions on it so you can come back to review the information anytime you want.

Will you be writing my resume for me?

No, this course is to help you edit your resume yourself so that it gets past ATS. We do have separate resume writing services though.

Will you help me if I get stuck or don't understand something?

Sure we can. You have access to live chat or, if we are away, you can leave us a message and we will get back to you as son as we can.

English is not my first language. Are the videos easy to follow?

We have taken this into account along with the fact that we know people have different learning styles. Beneath each video, the full transcript is available.

About us: Mark Daniel

A global resume writer and career coach, Mark is known for his honest, direct, and hard-hitting advice, helping people manage job applications and succeed at interviews.  Now based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, he is the co-founder of Real Life Career Advice, and the Hi Vis Hub. A prolific publisher, Mark contributes to several industry magazines and his daily career advice blog to his 40,000 LinkedIn followers.

About us: Amanda Datchens

A career coach, headhunter, and entrepreneur, Amanda has founded and been involved in developing multiple companies known for innovative HR and recruitment solutions.  Originally from London but now in Queensland, Australia, she is the co-founder of Real Life Career Advice and the Hi Vis Hub.

"The appraisal was brutal"

The appraisal was brutal but its exactly what my resume and my career aspirations needed, a quick and honest attitude adjustment, so a very sincere thank you.
Peter Brace - Training & Development Manager

Stop the Bots!

Start getting interviews. Get this free course, resume template, and resume appraisal before you submit your next job application.

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